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kelly kreye

Kelly Kreye is the founder and instructor at Rose City Improv. He has been teaching and performing long form improv comedy for almost two decades.

He began his studies at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City before moving on to learn under the guidance of Armando Diaz (who is widely regarded as one of the most influencial improv teachers ever) at The Magnet Theater.  From these early beginnings he was like a fish - hooked on improv. Kelly was part of many improv groups and shows you have certainly never heard of - The Future Mrs. Goldman, Chet Watkins, Gluttony, The Nine Famous Irishmen, Reality TV Live, Gonzo: An Improvised Evening with Hunter S. Thompson, and many, many others.


Some very talented people Kelly has had the pleasure of working with Ed Herbstman (Da Ali G Show), Zack Woods (The Office), T.J. Jagodowski, Dave Pasqueisi, Jean Villepique (The Office), Christina Gausas (30 Rock/Conan O'Brien), Rachel Hamilton (30 Rock), Kevin Mullaney, John Delaney, Charlie Todd (Improv Everywhere), Jeff Hiller (Community/Broad City), Charlie Saunders (Key & Peele), and many more.


Kelly is now looking to share his knowledge in comedy as well as build a wonderful community in Welland around the unique human activity of laughter.


Step into a world of belly laughs and spontaneous hilarity, where Paul, the fearless improv daredevil unleashes the transformative magic of everyday improvisation!

Armed with an educational foundation from Niagara College and Second City, Paul's brilliance comes to life in his 15 years of honing sketch comedy shows Fearlessly showcasing his talents at renowned festivals, including Toronto's Big CITY Improv Tournament, he nurtures creativity with fervor in a vibrant and encouraging atmosphere.

Lauren Bartfai 

Lauren shares her passion for the transformative power of improv! Bringing it into everyday life to increase well-being, creativity and co-operation.

With over a decade of experience in the wellness industry and musical improv, Lauren has discovered the power of play, laughter and presence across generations. One of her deepest passions lies in intergenerational wellness. She believes in the power of bridging generational gaps, creating bonds and sharing wisdom across age groups. Lauren is committed to fostering understanding, empathy and a sense of community among people of all ages.

Her facilitation style is characterized by a sense of playfulness, encouragement and curiosity. Lauren invites you to discover the joy of self-expression, embracing the unexpected and celebrating the beauty of being fully present in the moment.

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